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Grow Up Or Blow Up

Grow up or blow up

Some of us are maturally challenged that is, stuck in overly emotional adolescence in which our decision-making abilities are limited and short-sighted. We often act before we thoroughly assess the long-term implications of our actions. And the more political power…

Our Culture of Fear

Our Culture of Fear

Humans take the struggle for survival we learned for animals and blend it with the circumstances of a particular environment, then add to that the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and security, and from this blend of factors evolve…

The Four Phases of Human Evolution

the four phases of human evolution

One of the oldest animal species alive on Earth is the horseshoe crab, which originated some 445 million years ago. These odd-looking marine animals evolved into their present form about 250 million years ago and have not changed much since…

The Strength of Words

The Strength of Words

We have all heard the expression “the pen is mightier than the sword.” That is true unless you have malevolent soldiers shooting at you and artillery shells exploding in your face. How strong are our words in preventing the many…

The Maturing of Humanity

The Maturing of Humanity

A lot can happen in 13.8 billion years. Would you believe that several trillion of the protons, neutrons, and electrons blasted out at the big bang all those eons ago would have wound up in our bodies today regulating everything…

From Instinct to Gods to Humanity

From Instinct to Gods to Humanity

I Everything in the universe takes in energy and uses it to stay viable. Stars form from hydrogen which becomes their energy source for the millions or billions of years they exist. On Earth, the first single-celled living things learned…

A Kind World

a kind world

Most of us believe that we humans are generally better than our daily blast of bad news would lead us to think about ourselves. Newscasts often thrive on sensationalism, anything to get your attention or prompt you to click an…

Think Beyond Your Mind

think beyond your mind

Living, learning, relating to others…it all comes down to you and me and how we manage our conduct in light of our philosophies, our religious dogmas, our various economic and political systems, our hatred for each other, our love and…

The Value of Words

the value of words

All of the philosophies we have ever espoused, all of the religions we have ever invented, all of the governments we have ever established, and all of the words we have uttered in the last twelve thousand years of becoming…