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Symbiotic Thoughts Introduction

Technically speaking symbiosis is a biological term that describes the interaction of two species in which both benefit from the contributions of the other. Good examples are bees pollinating flowers and vascular plants interacting with mycorrhizal fungi where the fungi provide the plants with phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients from the soil and the plants provide fungi with atmospheric carbon they take if during photosynthesis. Both species benefit from the exchange.

This blog takes the idea of symbiosis one step further to the mutual benefits that arise when individuals or groups of people cooperate in any type of endeavor for the benefit of all involved. It also relates some unfortunate consequences that have occurred when individuals or groups failed to cooperate.

These essays and poems cover a wide range of topics from scientific to philosophical, as well as a good bit of history since I currently live in the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina. Hopefully, there is something for everyone regardless of your fields of interest.

One of the motivations that influenced me to create this blog is that it saddens me that we humans are so unnecessarily aggressive toward each other. Obviously, there have always been many thoughtful and caring people; without them our human civilization would not be as advanced as it is today.

But it seems that too often reason and rationality are ignored and we allow greed and selfishness to prevail. I believe, however, that we can become more cooperative and symbiotic in our interactions. Of course, I do not for a minute believe that I alone can make much difference in human relations. I alone will not stop the numerous conflicts we suffer through. We have been interacting socially — fighting and cooperating — since we evolved from primates thousands of years ago. Yet, I have an overwhelming need to do what I can to help us become more peaceful, productive, and cooperative global citizens.

My goal is to provide good food for thought that will help each one of us better understand how we can make our world a safer and more peaceful place to live. Earth is our home. Without its clean atmosphere, clear water, and fertile soil, we perish. We have the Earth and we have each other. Let us make the absolute best with what we have.

Ted McCormack

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