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A Day in June

A Day in June

               I At the dawn of a June day, The dark of the summer night Blends with a pale glow in the east and Lightens the cool dawn into warm luminous morning. The beams of the rising sun reflect drops…

Salt Marsh

salt marsh

The morning sky begins to brighten And my somnolent consciousness stirs As the turning Earth carries my eyes Slowly eastward Toward the red sun yellowing Across the edge of the verdant marsh, Over the ebb and flow Of meandering tidal…

The River of the Infinite

At the edge of the glowing horizon, Out of my Earth’s primordial ooze, The muses dance up Past eons of evolution, Bringing to me timeless wisdom That spirals and zigzags Around the shadowy cobwebbed corners Of my awakening mind Until……

The Island at Dawn in Early June

The full moon has pulled the tide high Through the marsh and into our yard, While rain that fell for hours in the night Filled the wetlands behind us. We sit precariously  In our stilted home On the sandy boundary…

Born An Acorn

acorns on parchment

One hundred years agoA gray squirrelInstinctively preparing for a cold mountain winterBuried me as an acornUnder a layer of brown leaves on a gentle slopeWith every intention of coming back for meWhen she awakened out of a winter napHungry.I would…

It’s All Electric

Electric Storm

Whether lush and green, Dry and dusty under the sun, The blue of the sea, The gray and glass of our cities With their yellow and white striped streets, Or the geomagnetic field induced Telluric currents in our Earth And…