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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

The River of the Infinite

At the edge of the glowing horizon,

Out of my Earth’s primordial ooze,

The muses dance up

Past eons of evolution,

Bringing to me timeless wisdom

That spirals and zigzags

Around the shadowy cobwebbed corners

Of my awakening mind


My consciousness,

My humanity, my morality

Are metamorphosed

Into the essence of human unity

That I send out

On frail, fluttering wings

To the hearts of all

The children of Earth,

My sisters and my brothers,

As our atoms accompany each other

On our sojourns

From energy

To matter

To flesh

To dust,

Back to the fusion fires of stars.

With sweet conviction

I dream and work.

In the name of Love and Wisdom

I push on

Through the wonder of births

And the mournful dark shadows

Of death

Cycling, cycling

One after another.

Each time I am moved

To tears of joy

By the chain of circumstances

That gives rise to life,

And tears of sadness

That our human flaws

Or the powerful dynamics of Nature

Too often take life away

Before its time is due.

On I go to a higher realm,

Beyond human emotions,

Beyond human inquires,

Beyond the question of meaning,

Where there is no distinction

Between the living

And those who

Have flowed beyond Earth

With the River of the Infinite

To the primeval elements

Of our beginnings.

I am life.

This is my Earth,

Where I and others

On the human journey

Have evolved

Into many individual minds


As one being, one humanity,

Finding our place

In our universe, and

With each other.

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