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What’s the Temperature?

What’s the Temperature?

What do the numbers 0, 32, 273.15, and 491.67 have in common? They all tell the freezing point of water from liquid to solid, giving us four ways to say the same thing depending on where you are and what…

We Are of the Spectrum

We Are of the Spectrum

Several cultures throughout human history have had some form of sun worship. One of the most famous was the worship of Ra (pronounced ray) by the ancient Egyptians. Depicted as a man with the head of a falcon with a…

A Brief Introduction To Water

a brief introduction to water

Water is a contradiction. A molecule of water is made of hydrogen, which is extremely flammable, and oxygen, which although it does not burn by itself, is a great facilitator if fire. Oxygen makes fires burn brighter, and without oxygen,…

The Hidden Lives of Tree Roots and Leaves

The Hidden Life of Tree Roots and Leaves

Could tree roots and leaves be Another chicken and egg perplexity? Which came first: the flow of carbohydrates from leaf photosynthesis flowing down the inner bark of trees through phloem tissues bringing needed sugars into each of the tree’s cells…

Light: A Quantum Conundrum


Look! Up in the sky!     It’s a wave! It’s a particle! Actually, it’s a quantum of electromagnetic energy that exhibits wave-particle duality that was emitted by an electron that had been disturbed by the hot and high-pressure fusion of a…